Renewing my personal brand

My name is Kevin and I want to tell you a little about myself and why I’m restarting my personal brand and the importance of having one.

I have been dedicated to digital marketing for many years, I have an advertising agency specialized in digital marketing and I work for hundreds of companies, especially small and medium-sized ones. The approach I have with my clients made me realize that there is a lot of misinformation regarding digital marketing and for this reason a couple of years ago I decided to create a personal brand where I could share my knowledge about digital marketing with the world.

I started making videos on social networks, writing articles on a blog, among many other things. The information I had in my content was very informative and this allowed me to reach even more clients because seeing me in my videos talking about a topic in which I could say that I am an expert made more people trust me and want to hire to my advertising agency.

However, at that time my personal brand had specialized 100% in digital marketing, limiting myself only to talking about that topic, when a personal brand should be exactly that, it should be more personal, your personal brand should represent you 100%.

I am passionate about digital marketing but there are also many other topics that I am also passionate about that I would like to talk about and share my knowledge with the world. It is for this reason that I decided to renew my personal brand.

Why is your personal brand important?

Your personal brand goes beyond making a beautiful logo with your name, your personal brand is the means that allows you to let the world know that you are someone who adds value.

If you are an expert in a subject or area, personal branding is an excellent way to share your knowledge and when you do so, you have the possibility of reaching many people who need your knowledge to solve a problem.

This will allow you to become a benchmark and in turn will help you generate endless growth opportunities such as new job opportunities, more clients for your business, building good relationships, among many other benefits.

Much of what I know about personal branding I know from my knowledge of marketing and in large part thanks to my mentor, sensei Hector Jimenez who is a total genius in personal branding. Hector has helped great references from different industry niches to create his personal brands.

Hector has an intensive program where you literally learn how to create a personal brand and how to have it boost your business and other areas of your life in a positive way. And believe me, when I say that the program is intensive, I mean it haha, because there are approximately 8 months of accompaniment, lessons and exercises that make you break your comfort zone to go out into the world and add value.

His program is not for everyone because it really requires arduous discipline to finish it, but don’t worry, in this article I will tell you some things I learned from my mentor and some personal advice that will surely help you if you are starting to create your personal brand.

3 Tips to create your personal brand:

1- Be your best version.

Before going out into the world and wanting to help others, make sure you are the best version of yourself. If you keep carrying traumas from the past, you have bad habits, you don’t have a good relationship with yourself and you know that many areas of your life are in chaos, don’t expect to be able to positively impact the lives of others if you still can’t do it with yours .

This may sound cold or rude, but it is crucial that you be your best version because it takes a lot of strength to be authentic, exposing yourself to the world as you are, that’s why it’s called personal branding.

2- There will be no short-term results.

If you create your personal brand thinking that in a couple of months you are going to make huge monetary gains and that you will be quite a celebrity, I am sorry to discourage you but the reality is very different.

Creating a personal brand just for money and fame is not a good idea, because those who see your content will realize that all you want is to sell to them, benefit by lining your pockets with their money and not so much because you have a genuine desire to help . This will only make them see you as an opportunist or even worse as a scammer.

3- Be authentic and firm to your principles

Many times, due to the desperation of wanting more followers and views, it is easy to fall into the game of changing our style and our content, wanting to take advantage of trends or seeking the liking of the masses. This can lead us to another, more serious mistake, which is to forget our principles and make content that doesn’t really go with our essence. We must remember that our main objective is to help and add value, that a personal brand is to be ourselves and not become actors wanting to please everyone who sees us.

I hope these tips are very helpful if you want to create a personal brand, for now I will continue to develop my brand and I hope to create more content that adds value to you.

Thank you!

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